Terms of Service

At PrintStuff, we delight ourselves in producing high-quality decorated apparel that suits our customers’ specifications and brings satisfaction to all involved.  In order to achieve this every day, we would like to share with you our internal policies regarding your orders.


Quotes - PrintStuff is happy to provide quotes for you at no charge.  Any quote or estimate given is valid for orders placed within 30 days of such quote or estimate, and relies completely on the specific details of the quote.  If there are any fundamental changes, such as design alterations or new locations, or any other change that may affect the quote, we cannot honor the quote as given.


Pricing - Our current price list can be requested at any time, and is subject to change without notice.  The price list may not cover all aspects of a particular order that could affect pricing.  In such cases, the price for your order will be adjusted accordingly.


Order Processing - When you are ready to place your order, please submit the following information to hello@printstuff.com :

  • Company/Customer Name, Phone, Billing Email

  • Contact Name, Phone, Email

  • Purchase Order # or Reference Name/Number for the job (if applicable)

  • Ship or Pickup Method, Date, Destination Address

  • Reorder #, if applicable

  • Material Info (if known), including​

    • Brand

    • Item #

    • Description

    • Color/Size/Qty

  • Decoration Info, including

  • Special Fulfillment or packaging Info, if applicable


To ensure proper order processing, orders are not processed until all of the above information is received.

***If you previously had this job done with another vendor, and you need an exact replica or accurate representation of your previous job, we require that you provide us with a physical sample of the previous job, as well as any artwork separation files, digitizing files, or special instructions used on that job.


Order Changes - Changes made AFTER a virtual proof has been approved and invoice has been paid may not be possible, or may incur additional fees.


Canceled orders - Orders may be canceled within 24 hours of approved virtual proof and payment of invoice.  Such cancellations will incur a restocking fee of 25% of the pre-discounted invoice total.  Orders may not be canceled after the 24 hour window, because decoration has begun and the product is no longer returnable.


Artwork - Each order includes 1 FREE design service.  This covers simple artwork on a single part of the product.  Any additional designs would incur a $45 art fee.  Each design includes 1 revision at no cost.  If providing your own, completed artwork, please provide your files in the industry-standard vector or raster formats, including .AI, .PDF, or .EPS file formats with all fonts converted to curves or outlines.  If the artwork is in raster(pixel) form, we require a resolution of at least 300dpi and the artwork sized to the desired height and width.  If your artwork does not meet these requirements, an art re-creation fee of $45 will apply per design (over the alotted FREE design).  If your artwork is photorealistic or has a series of very complex blends and would require a special printing process such as a ‘process’ or ‘simulated process’ print, a separation fee of $37.50 per color will apply in addition to regular setups and run charges.  


Should you need assistance with creating artwork, we offer the following services:


  • Art Creation - If you have an idea for your artwork, but need help with ideas and layouts, we offer an art creation service for $45.  This service includes 1 version of your concept along with 1 revision.  Each revision after will be $15.

  • Art Re-Creation - If you have a very clear idea of what you want, can provide pictures or samples, and just need the pieces put together, we offer an art re-creation service for $45.  This service includes a single version of your concept with 1 included revision.  Any revisions after this will be $15.

  • Either of these above services can be included once for FREE per order.  Limit 1 design/location


Please note that any art services may extend the normal turn-around time by 3 business days.

IP Infringement - PrintStuff assumes NO responsibility or liability for artwork or other IP provided to us.  We assume any and all artwork provided to us by our customers is owned in fact by our customers or licensed to them.


Proofing - Upon the processing of your order, you will receive a virtual proof from the appropriate department.  This ‘V-Proof’ is a pdf file that allows you to review the details of the desired decoration.  Please pay strict attention to the information on these proofs to make sure ANY and ALL instructions you wish to be followed are present, as our production team will adhere to the instructions exactly.  We will not credit or refund for material or work if the job was completed in accordance with an approved virtual proof.  If you wish to receive a virtual proof before placing an order, a charge of $45 will apply  This $45 can be credited back to you upon placing your order if your order is placed within 2 weeks of receiving the proof, otherwise, the $45 charge will remain.  Your order WILL NOT proceed until a final approval has been sent via email, and your invoice has been paid in full.  In order to avoid incurring rush fees or delaying the completion date, we will need to receive your final approval as many days in advance of the delivery date as possible.


Samples - Sample products, prints or sew-outs can be provided, but will incur additional fees.  Each sample job will need to be quoted individually.​

Turn Around - Our normal turn-around time is approx 7 business days from proof approval and invoice payment, and applies only to jobs under 500 pieces.  Any job 500 pieces or more will need to be quoted for turn-around.  Rush fees will apply if the job needs to be completed sooner than a normal turn-around.  If the product must ship or be picked up BEFORE 3pm on a certain day, that day cannot count on the turn-around schedule as we will need to ensure completion on the prior day.   ***If your job requires more than 1 decoration method, (i.e. both screen print & embroidery) turn-around will take longer.  Please contact us for turn-around times on these jobs.


Tolerances - Please allow for normal tolerances in the following areas:


  • Reorders - When placing a reorder, please provide our internal reorder number.  This will be the invoice number for the previous job in question.  If you do not provide this, we cannot ensure that all previous job instructions will be followed.  Also, please note that reorders will almost never be exact.  There may be slight color variances, location variances, and texture differences in the printing or decorating.  To get the closest match possible on reorders, please provide a physical sample of the previous job.

  • Locations - Although your virtual proof may say 1.5” from collar, it is virtually impossible to make this happen exactly on every item.  All decoration is loaded by hand and eye and you should allow up to 1” variance on all measurements and distances. 

  • Colors - Color matching in not an exact science.  Like everything in the shop, it is done by hand and eye. Even when using a mixing system, each lot of color mixture can vary.  Expect to be within 90-95% of the color you are trying to match.

  • Garments - No garment is made the same.  This applies to even the same item # and color.  Garments behave differently when undergoing the decoration process.  Expect the prints or stitching to look slightly different across garments.

  • Alignment - Following the pattern above, alignment as well must be relative.  Garments aren’t cut with precision, and operators load by hand, which makes alignment a challenge.  We do our best to ensure your decoration is straight and aligned according with normal industry standards.  Please allow some variance in this as well.  Large designs that are "crooked" by less than 1" end-vs-end are deemed acceptable by normal decoration standards (for small designs, this number is reduced to less than 1/2" end-vs-end).  Large designs that are "off-center" by less than 2" side-vs-side are deemed acceptable by normal decoration standards (for small designs, this number is reduced to less than 1" side-vs-side).

  • Registration - There is no such thing as perfect registration.  While we take extreme care to ensure your designs are set up correctly and remain in register throughout the run, there will be variance here as well.  This variance is due to many factors beyond our control.  Our goal is to make sure your decorations are in register to the naked eye at reasonable distances of observation.

  • Lint - In a shop full of cloth, lint is a fact of life.  Cotton-heavy shirts especially give off a TON of lint.  During long cotton runs, it is common for small pieces of lint (size of a pinhead) to detach from the garment and stick to the underside of a screen, temporarily blocking ink flow onto the garment.  This results in tiny areas of the print where a certain color of ink failed to make it to the garment completely.  These "flaws" are so small that they are almost unnoticeable to anyone who is not a printer.  We have instituted quality control measures to minimize this phenomenon during longer runs, but on such runs, some lint blockage should be expected.

  • Opacity - While we use high-opacity inks, garment construction and composition can affect opacity.  In particular, light weight garments or blended garments tend to decrease opacity in normal runs.  This is common, and for the most part, a non-issue.  In addition, certain printing practices can affect opacity.  Typically, on colored garments, we hit the underbase white once, then lay the colors on top of that.  On certain materials, this looks VERY bright, and on others, not so much.  The only way to ensure maximum opacity is to double-hit the underbase, which doubles production time and incurs additional charges.  (NOTE:  When using visible whites with low quantities, doubling the base is usually done automatically at no additional charge).  If you have an order going on colored garments  that you want to make sure is 100% opaque (inasmuch as can be achieved with the garment in play), please notate this on your purchase order: "Double Underbase", and ensure that the order confirmation and Virtual Proof reflect this request.

  • Polyester Bleed - All polyester bleeds.  This means, when exposed to heat in the screen printing process, a process called dye migration can occur.  This is when the dye from the garment itself seems to ‘bleed’ through the ink color on top, giving it a hue that is more influenced by the color of the garment.  We have gone out of our way to invest in inks and processes that minimize this phenomenon, but the results are not 100% perfect.  When screen printing or heat applying decorations on polyester garments, particularly those with warm or red colors, you can expect a tad bit of bleed.  Expect your lighter color prints to have about 5-10% of the garment color showing through.

  • Foil - Textile foiling is an inconsistent process, and therefore yields unpredictable results.  You can expect foil designs to have up to 10% flaw.  *Alternatively, you can use metallic vinyl to achieve the same visual result with zero flaws and high washability.  Please ask for details.


Mistakes - If we damage product or decorate it incorrectly based on the approved virtual proof, we will compensate you accordingly, provided you send us back the incorrectly decorated product, in order to verify consistent failure.  We also require that you notify us within 2 weeks of product shipment (see "Complaints" below).  Each instance will be evaluated and discussed as to the best compensation and resolution.  

Returns - We only accept returns due to a true factory defect or a defect in decoration.  Such defects must be brought to our attention within 2 weeks of product delivery and must be approved by our staff.  Upon approval, product return labels will be provided and the exact product will be replaced or the invoice value of the product credited to your account, whichever you prefer.  We do not accept returns for stylistic, color, sizing or comfort issues, unless the factory has mislabeled the size in question.  If style, color, size, or comfort is important to you, we highly recommend ordering blank samples before placing your full order.  Blank samples are charged at the catalog price.

Complaints - Any complaints about product or service quality can and will be addressed if discussed within 2 weeks of product shipment.  Any complaints after this point will not be addressed.